MICROWAVE DISCHARGES: Fundamentals and Applications

3 - 7 September 2018, Zvenigorod, Russia

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Guidelines for Abstracts

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Guidelines for one-page abstract

Template for the Abstract: .doc / .docx

10-th Int. Workshop on Microwave discharges, 3-7 September 2018, Russia


A. Author, A. Coauthor*

Name of Institution, City, Country
*Name of Institution, City, Country

Abstracts should be prepared in Microsoft Word for Windows in doc/docx or rtf formats. (Abstracts prepared in the Apple formats are not accepted.)

Text of one-page abstract prepared for direct reproduction should fit in the 115x170 mm frame (for the European A4 paper size it means top and left margins should be 1.5 cm, right margin 8 cm, and bottom margin 11 cm) This sample text fills the mentioned frame completely.

All the text should be typed including the title and the headings should be single-spaced.

The body of the text should be typed in Times New Roman, 10 pt, justified, with first line indent 6 mm, hyphenated.

The title of the abstract should be centered and set in all caps. Use Times New Roman bold, 11 pt, space after 12 pt. The name(s) of the author(s) should be centered and typed in Times New Roman, 11 pt, bold italic, space after 6 pt. Affiliations should be centered and typed in Times New Roman, 10 pt, space after 12 pt.

All variables in formulas and mathematical expressions should be italicized (e.g. a2+b2+c2). Avoid displayed equations until absolutely necessary.


Avoid subheadings until absolutely necessary. When required, use Times New Roman, 10 pt, bold, with first-line indent 6 mm, space before 12 pt, space after 6 pt..


Please send a file of the Abstract as attached file to e-mail: md-10@ips.ac.ru before March 1.

References     (References in the text should be indicated as [1], [2])

1. Name A.B. J. Appl. Phys., 1999, 88, 5555.
2. Name A.B. Proc. 6th Intern. Conf. Mass Spectrometry. Ed. A.B. Ben. Town: Publisher, 1999, 156.

Template for the Abstract: .doc / .docx